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About us

The Innolog partner network was created by logistics system planner professionals to bring together the know-how accumulated over decades.

Our team of experts has decades of experience in corporate planning and consulting, and part of the team is an active lecturer in the Department of Material Handling and Logistics Systems at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. When implementing our solutions, we are looking for the ideal solution in all aspects (functionality, technology, cost, etc.).

During the consultation we use the co-creation method, in which we work together with the client on defining project goals, exploring the problematic areas, developing proposals and implementing solutions through continuous two-way communication. This allows the client to feel the results as his own, while the consultant’s experience and insights are integrated into the solution too. This method also helps to share responsibility in a healthy way.

The business leader of Innolog is Norbert Antal, the professional leader and managing director of the company is Dr. Balázs Sztrapkovics.

It is especially important for Innolog to conduct business properly and operate lawfully, and as a result, NAV has qualified our company as a reliable taxpayer.

The INNOLOG team

Antal Norbert
Norbert Antal
managing director
Email: norbert.antal@innolog.hu
Telefon: +36 30 346 7233
Sztrapkovics Balázs
Balázs Sztrapkovics
managing director
Email: balazs.sztrapkovics@innolog.hu
Telefon: +36 70 558 9224
András Takács
András Takács
senior engineer
Email: andras.takacs@innolog.hu
Telefon: +36 20 569 2795
Czakó Mónika
Mónika Czakó
senior engineer
Email: monika.czako@innolog.hu
Telefon: +36 70 608 2709
Puskás Eszter
Eszter Puskás
system planner engineer
Hír Edit
Edit Hír
system planner engineer
Pataki Balázs
Balázs Pataki
system planner engineer
Gubola Rajmund
Rajmund Gubola
system planner engineer
Illés Zsófia
Zsófia Illés
system planner engineer
Váradi Zita
Zita Váradi
system planner engineer
Somlai Bence
Bence Somlai
system planner engineer

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