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Main profiles

Logistical planning

Storage design
It often causes problems for companies, that they don’t pay enough attention to planning of the storage procedures, storage techniques while designing environmental friendly. In worst cases they even completely forget about it. Read more
Branch design
We have a huge amount of experience in designing whole branches. If needed we don’t only plan the design of the branch or the hall, we also administrate the authorization procedures. Read more
Logistics audit
Depending of the exemined logistics system complexity on few days Our professionals can define the areas, or the processes what are your dam for your logistics improvement. Read more
Time measurement
During a significant part of the situation analysis of our planning projects it is necessary to measure cycle time or make multi-moment observations so that our plans become reasonable, and later improvements can be quantified. Read more
Logistics design of plants
t is common knowledge that creating value for the customer is no small feat. A product is value itself, phisically manifested. So that it can become one, a synchronized operation of the processes of a complex system, a production system is needed. But it is more than production technology. Read more
Design of transport systems
The design of transport systems, the selection of machines is a complex business and technical issue. This task requires the knowledge of the most modern solutions that are available on the market, to choose the most efficient one. Read more

Logistical consultation

Logistics network optimization, strategic route planning
Creating and optimizing the logistics network of companies usually is a strategic decision that affects long-term cost efficiency. Besides, according to the life-cycle of a company, its supply chain changes, so periodically there could be a need to revise it globally. Read more
Decision support with simulation
While planning and operating logistical systems many decisions might have to be made. We often face these problems as leader in logistical and strategical positions or as tactical and executive managers on an operative level. Read more

Decision support

Demand planning and forecasting
The driving force of logistics networks and processes is the demand of the customer. We can always hear, „We would have so much simpler work to do if we knew more precisely the customers’ needs”. Read more
Inventory management, stock planning
Inventory is not good. We do not like it. Nevertheless, there are situations when there is no other option. Certainly there are people in these shoes. Read more
Production planning
Based on our experiences, there is hardly any producing company, that wouldn’t suffer with daily production planning issues. The medium and long term planning causes at least the same amount of difficulties, as the preparation of the daily operative rosters. Read more